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Kansas City is definitely a dog-friendly city. We love our pups, and there are several great dog-friendly patios and walking parks to prove it. The hard part is finding a pet-friendly stay – once you’re here, there will be plenty for you and your pup to do.

As Kansas City locals who happen to have a pup ourselves, we understand the compulsion to being your beloved dog everywhere you go. We want to make it easier for you to visit the City of Fountains, so we’ve done the research to be able to share Kansas City’s best dog-friendly hotels.

We compiled this list of suggestions based first on location – we know when traveling with a pup, you want to have green spaces for them to go… well, you know. And to walk them, as well. As locals, we are well acquainted with Kansas City’s best dog-friendly walking parks.

Narrowing down the best locations with access to green space, we then chose what we know to be top quality hotels in great neighborhoods to make your stay exceptional.

And while you’re here, be sure to stop by one of our many dog friendly breweries – several even allow well-behaved dogs inside!

Top Rated Dog-Friendly Hotels in Kansas City

We wouldn’t lead you astray – these are the best of the best pet-friendly hotels in Kansas City.

1. Lowe’s Hotel

Neighborhood: Downtown
Dog Fee: $50 per dog, per stay – two allowed per room

Although the Lowe’s Hotel is not as close to ample green space as some of the other options on this list, it is by far the most dog-friendly. The amenities and services they offer to those traveling with their pup is beyond anything we’ve ever experienced.

  • Gourmet room service menus for cats and dogs, prepared by our award-winning chef
  • Upon arrival, your pet will receive a pet tag, bowl, and a special treat
  • Comforts like specialized bedding, leashes, collars, litter boxes (and litter), pooper scoopers, and more
  • Helpful amenities such as dog-walking route maps, pet placemats, water bowls, treats, doggie pick-up bags, and more
  • Treats like rawhide bones, catnip, and scratch poles
  • Pet-walking and pet-sitting services

In addition to these services, the hotel itself is modern, trendy and in a great location downtown.

The nearest park is about eight blocks away. It is on the smaller side, but it’ll work for a quick stroll. The downtown neighborhood this hotel is located near is called the Westside, and there are several quaint streets with beautiful homes that are nice for walking along.

entry way of lowe's hotel is dog-friendly in kansas city
Lowe’s Hotel
swanky bar at lowe's hotel
Lowe’s Hotel
firepit in lobby of lowe's hotel
Lowe’s Hotel

2. The Fontaine

Neighborhood: Country Club Plaza
Dog Fee: $75 per dog, per stay – two allowed per room

hotel lobby in country club plaza with large painting of a woman and upholstered furniture
Fontaine Hotel

The Fontaine is located on the Country Club Plaza in midtown. We recommend it not only because it is one of the top hotels in Kansas City – it happens to be near two great parks that are dog-friendly. And they don’t have size or weight restrictions on dogs.

The best midtown park is undoubtedly Loose Park. It is a three minute drive from the hotel or a seventeen minute walk. This park is very large with multiple walking paths and expansive green space. It’s a historic park and quite lovely. 

Another park near this hotel is Mill Creek Park. It is a four minute drive from the hotel or a twenty minute walk. It is long and narrow with a walking path along the perimeter. 

In addition to proximity to the parks, The Fontaine is located on The Plaza, so there are numerous places to visit in the area. 

The Fontaine is a luxury boutique hotel that mirrors the focus on beautiful design and artwork that Country Club Plaza is known for. The hotel features custom mosaic insets, marble floors, intricately carved wood paneling, hand-blown Venetian glass chandeliers, and Renaissance artwork. Visitors looking for an elegant stay will be pleased with their time at The Fontaine – in fact, it was named one of the Top 20 Midwest Hotels by Conde Nast!

At check in, the front desk will have you sign a pet waiver and you’ll be all good. 

3. Aloft Country Club Plaza

Neighborhood: Country Club Plaza
Dog Fee: $50 per night, per dog up to $150 total – two allowed per room

modern hotel lobby aloft country club plaza
Aloft Country Club Plaza

The Aloft is a newer hotel on the Country Club Plaza. This brand embraces more of a minimalist approach – there aren’t as many amenities as other hotels offer, but because of that, the cost tends to be lower. It’s a Marriott property, so you can still expect quality customer service and accommodations.

We personally love the Aloft for visitors with dogs because it is very close to Mill Creek Park – this is a long, narrow park with a walking path that is nearly one mile in length. 

This hotel has loft inspired rooms featuring airy 9-foot-ceilings, large windows and ultra-comfortable signature bedding. It is centrally located on The Plaza, so you will be close to several great shops, cafes, and restaurants. 

4. 21c Museum Hotel

Neighborhood: Downtown Kansas City
Dog Fee: $75 per dog, per stay – 50lb. maximum

kansas city's art scene
21c Museum Hotel

If you are planning to stay in downtown Kansas City, 21c Museum Hotel is a great dog-friendly option.

This boutique hotel is filled with contemporary art and is located in the heart of most of the galleries, museums, and performance art venues.

Although located downtown, there are two great green spaces nearby. The hotel is an eight minute walk from the modest Ermine Case Junior Park. It is on the smaller side, but it’ll work for a quick stroll. The downtown neighborhood this hotel is located in is called Quality Hill, and there are several quaint streets that are nice for walking along.

The better option for a longer walk is to go to the Berkley Riverfront trail. If you start at the Town of Kansas Bridge, it is a four minute drive to the park. The trail runs along the river and is frequently used by runners and walkers. 

Another benefit is the nearby Bar-K – this is an expansive dog park that features outdoor bars and a restaurant. There is a fee if you are not a member, but it is a great value for the experience.

21c Hotel Pet Policies:

  • Must be kept on a leash or carrier in public areas.
  • Notify the Front Desk when leaving the pet unattended in the guest room.
  • Additionally cleaning bills or repairs will be charged to the owner if needed.
  • Dog weight restriction of 50 lbs. 
  • Guests will be provided with a pet-in-room sign, which must be kept on the door for the duration of the stay.

Enjoy Your Kansas City Stay!

And those are our top recommendations for dog-friendly hotels in Kansas City. We hope you found it helpful!