Are you craving bold and spicy Cajun and Creole flavors? There’s no need to make a trip to Louisiana – we have it here in the heartland! In this guide, us Kansas City locals will share the best Cajun and Creole restaurants that our hometown offers.

From jambalaya to gumbo, étouffée to po’ boys, these restaurants bring the rich and diverse flavors of low country right to your plate.

Kansas City has several excellent options for Cajun and Creole influenced cuisine that brings the bold, savory, and soul-satisfying dishes that define this Southern culinary tradition. 

So, let’s get into it – here is where to find Cajun and Creole food in Kansas City.

Cajun and Creole Cuisine in Kansas City

These are the top recommendations from Kansas City locals!

1. Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen

Neighborhood: 39th Street
Pricing: $

For over 25 years, Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen, has been a beacon of New Orleans’ vibrant culture, serving up not only authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine but also the spirited sounds of live jazz. 

Jazz takes pride in crafting genuine New Orleans French Quarter Café Cajun/Creole cuisine. The menu is a symphony of low country flavors featuring blackened seafood, crawfish, and pasta, among other favorites.

Each dish is a celebration of the Cajun phrase “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler” (Let the Good Times Roll), inviting patrons to savor not just the food but the joyous spirit – and complimentary starter baguettes – that accompanies it.

At Jazz, the soulful notes of blues and jazz music make the rhythms come alive. The ambiance is relaxed – there is an authentic feel to the worn down wooden floors, bright neons, and kitschy New Orleans mementos covering the walls. 

Jazz has been a Cajun/Creole fixture in the Kansas City culinary scene for many years, and for good reason. It brings Louisiana flavors with a memorable dining experience. 

Menu highlights include stuffed catfish, hush puppies, crawfish boil, andouille fettuccine, and seafood gumbo.

2. Lula Southern Cookhouse

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District
Pricing: $$

Lula Southern Cookhouse is a culinary love letter to Southern roots and family heritage. While their focus is on authentic and refined Southern food, there are several dishes that embody the flavors and ingredients of Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Lula pays homage to the roots of Southern cooking and the joy that comes from hearty, comforting dishes. 

The interior has a welcoming ambiance with that signature Southern charm and hospitality. Hardwood floors steeped in history, vintage brick walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows create a homegrown atmosphere. The ambient lighting complements the upholstered furniture, potted plants, and vintage cookware. 

Their craft cocktail program is inventive with in-house infusions and unexpected spirits.

The Award-Winning Gumbo, crowned the best at the KC GumboFest, is a symphony of Creole chicken, andouille sausage, shrimp, crawfish, blue crab claws, white rice, crispy okra, and crawfish salsa – a celebration of flavors that balances every bite.

Menu highlights include blackened delta catfish, dirty rice, jambalaya, and Creole chicken pasta. 

3. Soirée Steak & Oyster House

Neighborhood: 18th & Vine Jazz District
Pricing: $$

Nestled in the heart of the historic Jazz District in Kansas City, Soirée Steak & Oyster House is where Southern-inspired cuisine meets the soulful notes of live jazz. Owned by a talented chef with roots in Louisiana, Georgia, and Arkansas, the restaurant is a celebration of flavor, music, and community.

In 2017, Soirée Steak & Oyster House opened its doors in the 18th & Vine District, a historic hub of black owned businesses. The restaurant boasts a craft cocktail bar and a stage that comes alive with local jazz bands.

The inventive menu features a symphony of flavors from Creole, Cajun, and Southern influences. The interior is contemporary, airy, and inviting. 

Menu highlights include red beans and rice, southern catfish, Creole chicken and shrimp, po’ boys, and gumbo. 

4. KC Daiquiri Shop

Neighborhood: Downtown
Pricing: $

KC Daiquiri Shop brings the spirit of New Orleans to Power & Light District’s lively vibes. It’s inspired by authentic New Orleans style daiquiris and the rich flavors of Cajun/Creole cuisine. 

The ambiance embraces the carefree spirit of “Laissez-Faire,” a French term that translates to “let it do what it do!” And that’s what you’ll find here – a relaxed, joyfilled vibe. In line with those ethos, the brightly-colored interior is welcoming to all. 

At the KC Daiquiri Shop, specialization is key. Their namesake is what they do exceptionally well – frosty daiquiris. Whether you opt for a glass, jug, or a layered daiquiri with all nine core flavors, the focus remains on refreshing, delightful sips. 

Their menu includes Cajun/Creole classics served on checkered paper. There’s no frills, but the flavor is all there. 

Menu highlights include gumbo, po’ boys, and shrimp étouffée. 

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Kansas City may be far from the Louisiana bayous, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the bold and spicy flavors of Cajun and Creole cuisine. Our city is home to some incredible restaurants that bring the essence of New Orleans right to your plate.

If seafood is what you’re after, Kansas City has fresh seafood restaurants that’ll make you forget we’re in a landlocked state!

So, next time you’re craving some bold and spicy goodness, skip the trip to Louisiana and head to one of these fantastic Kansas City eateries. Laissez les bons temps rouler – let the good times roll!