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If you’re looking for the best local gift shops in Kansas City, we’ve got you covered! As seasoned KC locals, we turn to these must-visit Kansas City gift shops when searching for a unique, thoughtful gift.

Kansas City has a vibrant and diverse community, which is reflected in its local gift shop scene. From handmade items to locally-sourced products, these shops offer something for everyone on your holiday list.

An added benefit – by supporting these small businesses, you’re also supporting the local economy and helping to keep our city thriving. It’s a win-win!

So, as you browse for the perfect gift, skip those corporate retailers, and instead, turn to one of Kansas City’s beloved local small business gift shops!

Kansas City’s Best Local Gift Shops

We love supporting these local shops, and you will too!

1. Duet

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District

Duet is a charming stop for those who appreciate a delightful blend of modern and artsy aesthetics. This quaint shop offers a diverse selection of hand-picked items, ranging from chic home decor to handmade jewelry pieces.

Co-owned by a talented ceramic artist, the shop proudly showcases her signature pieces, including ceremonial ceramic objects for the home. Adding an authentic and artistic atmosphere, her ceramics studio is seamlessly integrated within the bright, beautifully designed shop.

Beyond ceramics, the shop features a wide range of products, such as home decor, kitchen essentials, hand-crafted jewelry, dining accessories, organization tools, and stationery. Whether you seek a thoughtful gift or something unique for your home, Duet’s eclectic and elegant collection ensures you’ll find that special something.

kansas city local gift shop crossroads arts district

2. Westside Storey

Neighborhood: Westside

Housed in an original 1920’s building, Westside Storey is a unique retail space that began as a boutique antique shop eight years ago. Today, it stands as one of Kansas City’s first local goods stores, focusing on hometown makers, brands, and cultural trends.

Westside Storey proudly hosts over 50 local Kansas City companies and artists, making it a hub for those who cherish local creativity and craftsmanship​​ as well as those on the search for Kansas City souvenirs.

The store’s inventory is a reflection of Kansas City’s spirit, featuring a wide range of products that include vintage sports gear and the latest finds from local KC brands like MADE MOBB and those beloved Charlie Hustle tees.

Westside Storey’s eclectic mix of products, from antiques to modern apparel, and its commitment to supporting local artists and brands make it an ideal destination for shoppers looking to buy locally-made gifts.

3. Made in KC Plaza Marketplace

Neighborhood: Country Club Plaza

A true embodiment of Kansas City’s spirit, Made in KC is a one-stop shop for locally made goods. Showcasing over 200 local artists, designers, and makers, shoppers can browse Kansas City specialty products, handcrafted art, accessories, and apparel.

The Country Club Plaza marketplace opened in 2018 and serves as a multifaceted space where customers can eat, drink, and shop. It includes a full bar, café, and ice cream shop creating a communal gathering space that epitomizes the ethos of Made in KC.

kansas city gift shops local
Made in KC

The fact that 90 cents of every dollar spent at Made in KC circulates back into Kansas City demonstrates importance of shopping local.

This business model has created an ecosystem where local vendors not only sell their crafts but also employ community members and source materials from other local businesses​​.

Notable are their locally sourced and themed gift boxes – Coffee Lovers Gift Box, Game Day Gift Box, etc. – that are available for shipping.

kansas city local gift shops
Made in KC

4. Verdant

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District

Stepping into Verdant is like walking into a lush green oasis. Specializing in indoor tropical plants and botanical-themed gifts, this store is a haven for plant lovers. But for those seeking unique gift options, Verdant is much more than a plant shop.

At Verdant, you’ll find a small but beautiful collection of ceramic vases and planters, as well as candles, greeting cards, incense, hand-crafted soaps, textiles, journals, and books, among other items.

Convivial, their woman-owned parent company located in the historic West Bottoms, meticulously designs and handmakes each ceramic piece, from planters to candles.

In addition, Verdant offers a flower program where they sell a wide selection of fresh and dried stems, bundles, and designer bouquets on a weekly basis.

kansas city local gift shop crossroads arts district

5. The Black Pantry

Neighborhood: Midtown

The Black Pantry, more than just a gift shop, immerses its visitors in an experience that celebrates the richness of Black culture and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Since its establishment in 2020, The Black Pantry has been dedicated to bridging the gap in the local retail market by offering a unique blend of high-end shopping and the vibrant showcasing of Black talent.

When you step into The Black Pantry, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a captivating assortment of high-quality products sourced exclusively from Black-owned businesses.

From luxurious home goods like soaps and candles to tantalizing gourmet food items such as artisan hot sauce and jam, The Black Pantry is a treasure trove of over 200 thoughtfully curated products.

But it’s not just the incredible range of offerings that sets The Black Pantry apart. The space itself reflects the vibrant energy and warmth that permeates the store.

6. Fetch

Neighborhood: West Bottoms

Fetch KC offers a sophisticated yet inviting ambiance, with its matte black walls, polished wood floors, and exposed concrete pillars. The store is meticulously curated to appeal to a diverse audience.

The items in the store, predominantly made in America, are sourced from both local makers and out-of-town boutiques discovered by the owners during their travels. This ensures a constantly refreshing range of products, from candles and bath products to coffee mugs and totes, each with a unique story.

Fetch KC also showcases a distinct sense of humor. Quirky notebooks with phrases like “This Meeting is Bullshit” and “Brilliant Ideas I Had While Drunk” reflect the playful spirit of the store. Even the irreverent greeting cards and beer cozies with humorous sayings, add to the store’s unique charm.

At its core, Fetch KC is more than just a retail space; it’s a community hub where sustainable practices, support for small businesses, and care for the environment and employees are paramount.

It’s a place where everyone can feel like they are among friends, and a home for those who value quality, inclusivity, and a touch of humor in their shopping experience.

Also, Swifties should know that Travis Kelce reportedly shopped at Fetch for gifts for Taylor Swift.

7. Midcoast Modern

Neighborhood: Westport

A paradise for those who appreciate contemporary design, Midcoast Modern offers a small but well-curated selection of gifts, art, and home goods. They specialize in showcasing the creativity and artistry of local makers and small businesses.

The store’s sleek, minimalistic vibe is perfectly balanced with the warmth of handcrafted products, making it an ideal spot for finding a unique and stylish gift.

They offer a wide range of products, including prints, jewelry, clothing, incense, and home decor, among others. If you’re offended by expletives, this may not be the store for you. They have several buttons, cards, and prints that require a certain sense of humor to appreciate.

From the same owner is Bear Soap Co. next door, featuring handmade soap and a variety of bath products.

8. Hand & Land

Neighborhood: Midtown

Hand & Land offers sustainably crafted products for the home, body and holistic health. Their selection is varied and well curated, ideal for finding a unique gift.

We love their options for non-toxic, luxurious body products. There are brands from around the world, as well as some that are local to Kansas City.

Their inventory is always rotating, so frequent visits are sure to result in finding something new!

local kansas city sustainable gift shop with home goods and body products
Hand and Land
trinkets at a gift store in kansas city
Hand and Land

9. Diebel’s Sportsmen’s Gallery

Neighborhood: Country Club Plaza

For the aficionados of fine cigars and classic gentleman’s accessories, Diebels is a must-visit. Diebel’s has that old-world charm and offers a selection of premium cigars, leather goods, and sophisticated gifts. It’s a place where tradition and quality meet.

Diebel’s Sportsmen’s Gallery was established in 1954 and has since been a staple in the community. Artisans in the Caribbean hand-make all the cigars at Diebel’s Sportsmen’s Gallery, using only tobacco and containing no chemicals or additives, thereby highlighting the products’ natural quality.

In addition to high quality cigars, they specialize in gifts such as golf accessories, barware, steins, cufflinks, and collegiate and professional sportswear, among others.

mens gift store on the plaza in kansas city
Diebel’s Sportsmen Gallery

Happy (Local) Shopping!

These eight shops not only offer unique gifts but also contribute to the local economy, making them the ideal destinations for thoughtful Kansas City local shopping. Supporting these local gems is not just about finding the perfect gift—it’s about being part of a community that cherishes creativity, diversity, and the spirit of Kansas City.

Need other Kansas City gift ideas? Consider gifting an experience!