new wine bar in kansas city with upholstered seats and cozy vibe
Vita’s Place

We’ve been there too – it’s Friday and you get a text, “let’s grab a drink tonight?” You’re all about it, but you’re feeling like you want to try something… different? You love your mainstays, but sometimes it’s nice to visit somewhere new. 

We’re here for it. In this guide, us Kansas City locals are sharing the best new places for cocktails and craft beverages around town. 

There are numerous neat bars around town – these are just the newest ones. We loved them, but we’ll let you decide if you think they’ll be sticking around or not. 

So, let’s get into it – below are the best new bars in Kansas City this year!

Kansas City’s Newest Bars in 2024

Fern Bar

Sugarcane + Agave Craft Cocktails
Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District
Pricing: $$
Opened: January 2024

Fern Bar is spearheaded by a local bartender with several accolades, including being named one of the best mixologists in town. The concept for Fern Bar came partly from a desire to dismantle any pretentiousness associated with high-end cocktail bars. 

It’s a laidback, yet chic, cocktail bar that specializes in sugarcane and agave spirits – going beyond typical rum and tequila offerings. They feature curated offerings of both classic and inventive drinks.

You can go for the more familiar mojito or opt for something adventurous, like Jungle Bird (Smith & Cross, Appleton Estate 12, Banks 5, house amaro blend, pineapple, falernum, lime). 

Fern Bar’s commitment extends beyond the glass, focusing on ethical sourcing and supporting small producers, reflecting a deep consciousness for the community and the origins of its ingredients. 

Fern Bar cocktail
Fern Bar

The trendy ambiance at Fern Bar is designed to cater to various moods. It offers a relaxed vibe during the weekdays, while weekends see a transformation into a vibrant, energetic environment. 

We sipped on a mezcal espresso martini and their take on an old fashioned – both were excellent. The space was loud, filled with a post-dinner crowd during our visit.

bar area with pink accents
Fern Bar

Vita’s Place

Wine Bar
Neighborhood: Brookside, Crestwood
Pricing: $$
Opened: January 2024

Kansas City’s historic Crestwood Shops are home to a new gem – Vita’s Place, a charming wine bar from the owners of locally acclaimed Underdog Wine Co. 

The ambiance, inspired by East Coast cozy neighborhood bars, features a warm, inviting vibe. The bar’s design, a transformation from a former hair salon, reflects a rustic yet polished aesthetic. The intimate setting, seating thirty-four on the top floor and twenty in the basement, is designed to evoke the feel of stumbling upon a hidden neighborhood gem.

The wine list at Vita’s Place is a thoughtfully crafted journey through unique vintages, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from the folks that brought us Underdog Wine Co. Breaking away from traditional organization by country and varietal, the wines are categorized by weight and flavor profile. With over two hundred options, the selection is as extensive as it is exceptional.

While the focus is on wine, you’ll be able to find high-quality spirits. The bar features a meticulously chosen assortment of gin, agave spirits, vermouth, aperitifs, and digestifs. You can expect to find wine-based cocktails alongside build-your-own gin and tonics and spritzes.

Vita’s Place offers small plates to pair with their impressive beverage selection.

leather couch and tables with candles
Vita’s Place

Kansas City’s Newest Breweries

You know we love our beer in the heartland! These are the newest breweries around town.

Rizoma Liquid Creations

Latin American Brewery
Location: Pop-ups

We are looking forward to seeing what comes of Rizoma Liquid Creations, Kansas City’s first Hispanic beer company. 

They share, “Our mission is to sustainably, justly, and equitably create quality & consistent products, while using our platform to amplify voices, and empower through effective community engagement, and emotional storytelling.”

They have two craft beers – El Sol, a balanced beer with refreshingly light hoppy flavor and aroma and clean subtle maltiness, and La Luna, well-balanced light-medium bodied Amber Ale. 

Currently, they are doing pop-ups around town, so check their social media to see where you can find them. 


We’re looking forward to exploring all the new bars and breweries to come in 2024! We will continue updating this article as new spots are announced.