Habashi House Kansas City
Habashi House

Are you craving the tantalizing spices of succulent shawarmas and the silky goodness of freshly blended hummus?

You’re in luck – Kansas City has some truly excellent Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.

Some may say that Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food are separate categories, and we hear you.

However, while there are some great options for both in Kansas City, the options aren’t endless, and the menu items are fairly similar.

So, if you’re looking for hummus or lamb kebab, you’re going to find them on the menu in both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants in Kansas City.

For the purists, we’ve labeled the restaurants based on what they classify themselves as.

In this guide, we share a variety of options – from restaurants with adjoining markets to more elevated options for a date night.

We don’t want to discount the several great options in the surrounding suburbs, like Holy Land Cafe, Yafa Cafe, and Paros Estiatorio, but for this guide, we are focusing on the Kansas City, Missouri urban core.

The Best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Food, According to Kansas City Locals

These are the best restaurants for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food in Kansas City.

1. Clay & Fire

Neighborhood: Westside
Middle Eastern, “Near East”

Offering a dining experience that weaves together history, culture, and culinary delights, Clay & Fire is something special.

Located in a turn-of-the-century home with steep granite steps and historic charm – including a clawfoot tub in the bathroom – the interior is every bit of cozy and intimate.

This is partly because of the size – it’s rather small, so you’ll want a reservation.

Whether you sit on the main floor or make your way up the creaking stairs to the second floor, you’ll be surrounded by warm wood tones, colorful tiles, bright accents, and beautiful textiles.

Their farm-to-table menu is filled with authentic dishes melded from a variety of places: Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Lebanon.

The menu is mainly focused around mezze like charred eggplant spread, seasonal pickles, grilled halloumi, olive medley, and guajillo humus, among many others.

The move here is to order several of the small plates and share so that you can get a taste of all the exquisite flavors.

In addition to mezze, they offer kebabs, woodfired chicken, and a highlight – Turkish pizza. It’s perfectly charred, just like the variety of flatbreads they offer, due to a large traditional clay oven.

You’ll need to be patient – their kitchen takes care in creating the dishes. It’s not quick, but it’s more than worth the wait.

kansas city mediterranean and middle eastern restaurants
Clay & Fire

2. Jerusalem Cafe

Neighborhood: Westport

Jerusalem Cafe has been a local staple since 1989, when it started as a two person kitchen.

The family-run restaurant’s growth over the years is a testament to its commitment to providing a unique and authentic dining experience​​.

The authenticity extends to the large wood burning clay oven, prominently placed in the dining room, which puts out incredible flatbreads.

The ambiance is modern and inviting, making it a great option for lunch or a casual dinner.

The menu offers a range of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, each meticulously handcrafted.

We love the fattoush salad – deliciously crisp with fresh ingredients, unlike the sad lettuce situations you can find elsewhere.

Additional menu highlights include the gyro platter, falafel, manakeesh, and lentil soup.

3. Baba’s Pantry

Neighborhood: Brookside

We love the story behind Baba’s Pantry almost as much as we love the food – and that’s really saying something.

Bon Appétit agrees – in 2022, they named Baba’s Pantry in their list of the nation’s fifty best new restaurants.

Founded by Yahia Kamal, affectionately known as Baba, this restaurant has its origins rooted in Baba’s longing for his mother’s cooking after immigrating to the United States in the late 1970s as a Palestinian refugee.

Amidst the challenges of adapting to a new land, Baba found solace and connection in recreating these recipes, a practice that laid the groundwork for what would become the family-run Baba’s Pantry​​.

The bright, inviting ambiance is a space that is both a reflection of the family’s Palestinian heritage and a welcoming environment for all.

In addition to excellent dishes, they stock pantry staples like torshi and shatta.

Baba’s Pantry is more than just a restaurant; it’s a narrative of Palestinian culture and hospitality.

Menu highlights include creamy hummus, chicken shawarma, baklava, kanafeh, falafel stuffed with onions and sumac, and the kebab.

4. Habashi House

Neighborhood: Rivermarket
Middle Eastern

Habashi House has been serving City Market visitors since 2000.

You’ll be warmly greeted at the counter, situated next to an open kitchen and in sight of the gyro meats.

It’s casual with the option to take your dish to their brightly decorated, exposed brick dining room or to one of the numerous tables situated around City Market.

The have several platters that offer you samplings of their menu offerings, items like hummus, baba ghanouj, falafel, kebabs, salads, rice, and pita bread.

We love the adjoining market – with a variety of spices, traditional Middle Eastern items, and dried fruits, it’s worth a stop.

Habashi House has many loyal regulars – and for good reason. They’re ideal for a casual yet flavorful lunch.

Habashi House City Market
Habashi House

5. Meddy’s

Neighborhood: Brookside

Originating from Wichita, this newcomer has quickly become a local favorite for Mediterranean cuisine.

The polished, contemporary ambiance at Meddy’s makes it an ideal option for dining in.

They are proud of their excellent hospitality – you’re greeted with a warm smile and upon sitting down, freshly baked pita is placed in front of you with olive oil and zatar.

Their health-focused perspective is based around fresh ingredients, prepared daily. This extends to small touches, like the option for fresh vegetables with the hummus.

Their dedication to quality is reflected in the excellent flavors. It’s for these reasons that we are repeat customers at Meddy’s.

The food is truly exceptional.

Menu highlights include their falafel platter, hummus, shawarma wrap, fattoush salad, and garlic chicken bowl.

kansas city best mediterranean food meddy's
kansas city mediterranean and middle eastern food

6. Extra Virgin

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Pricing: $$

Extra Virgin is a culinary destination that stands out for its tapas, wine, and cocktails menu.

Helmed by James Beard Award Winning Michael Smith, Extra Virgin reflects his extensive European artisanal training and passion for cooking.

Extra Virgin’s Mediterranean-inspired menu offers a variety of dishes that include hummus, marinated olives, various salads, falafel, and an assortment of meats and seafood like scallop ceviche, steamed mussels, and grilled ribeye.

We love the brightly colored, lively interior with artistic touches.

Menu highlights include chickpea fritters, steamed mussels, and lamb kebab.

7. Kari’s on 39th

Neighborhood: 39th Street
Middle Eastern

Kari’s on 39th only opened in 2023, but they have already racked up raving reviews from Kansas City locals.

Their dishes are based on original recipes from their family restaurant in Irbid, Jordan, which opened in 1958. So, you can count on traditional flavors and authenticity.

Speaking of authenticity, on the weekends they typically have belly dancers, creating a lively atmosphere.

They’re known for using wholesome, fresh ingredients and generous portions.

In our experience, the grilled platters in particular, with succulent meat, grilled vegetables, and delectable sauces, are excellent.

The ambiance is casual, but it is inviting with Middle East inspired decor.

Menu highlights include their hummus, baba ghanoush, lentil soup, chicken shawarma – and some of the best pita bread in town.

8. Enzo Bistro + Wine Bar

Neighborhood: River Market

Enzo is the sister concept to the beloved Ragazza in midtown. It’s elevated menu features northern Mediterranean cuisine with favorites from Ragazza’s Italian menu.

The atmosphere is sophisticated with the large wooden bar being the focal point with a warm, midcentury-modern feel accented by hand-blown glass lamps reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea.

We love their expansive patio, which faces the interior of City Market.

As the name suggests, their wine list is extensive, and the friendly, knowledgeable staff are happy to recommend the perfect wine to complement your meal.

Menu highlights include spicy feta dip, moussaka, and small plate options.

9. Aladdin Cafe

Neighborhood: 39th Street
Mediterranean, Middle Eastern

Since 1999, Aladdin Cafe has been a cornerstone in Kansas City’s Mediterranean cuisine.

Our personal choice for takeout, they are quick and the quality of the food is always consistently good.

Their lentil soup in particular is exceptional. Many have tried to replicate it, but the owner stays tight-lipped on the combination of ingredients, and despite multiple attempts, we can’t make anything even close to Aladdin’s lentil soup.

They offer a wide variety of creatively prepared dishes, drawing from traditional Mediterranean recipes.

Menu highlights include sumac chicken, cauliflower zahra, curry chicken, kabobs, and gyros.

10. Tasso’s Greek Restaurant

Neighborhood: Waldo

Tasso’s is much more than Greek food – it is an entire experience.

Started in 1976 by Greek immigrants, Tasso’s has long been a staple in Kansas City’s midtown.

You’ll have a truly Greek experience with live music, belly dancing, and the unique tradition of breaking dishes.

The interior, adorned with blue lighting, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

On the culinary front, the restaurant offers an array of Greek delicacies.

A notable highlight is the “Taste of Greece” appetizer, featuring a variety of dips like hummus, tzatziki, skordalia, and spicy feta, all accompanied by fresh pita bread.

Additionally, they serve traditional Greek aperitif Ouzo, which is typically served mixed with house-made lemonade.

The long-standing success of Tasso’s Greek Restaurant is a testament to their love for entertaining and celebrating life with authentic Greek cuisine.

11. Mediterranean Market

Neighborhood: Westport

If you’re in search of a casual lunch or specialty store where you can purchase imported Mediterranean staples, the Mediterranean Market in Westport is it.

You’re always greeted warmly by the family that owns it.

They have a modest, affordable menu of your typical counter-serve Mediterranean options. The local recommendation is the gyro sandwich.

This market is no frills and all flavor.

Map of the Best Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Food in Kansas City, Missouri

That’s A (Gyro) Wrap!

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