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Thou Mayest

Kansas City’s Coffee Shop Scene

There is no better start to a Kansas City morning than a stop by one of our many local coffee shops and cafes.

The coffee shop scene in Kansas City is diverse with several showcasing the flavors and ingredients of the cultures represented throughout the city. 

It can be difficult to figure out which ones to visit.

So, we’re making it easy by sharing the best, according to locals!

While there is a coffee shop seemingly on every corner, there are certain ones that standout for their ambiance, offerings, and location.

As coffee lovers ourselves and Kansas City locals for over a decade, we’ve scouted out the best cafes and coffee shops around the city.

In fact, we’re writing this post from one of them!

Kansas City’s Must Visit Coffee Shops and Cafes

We are sure that you’ll come to love these Kansas City coffee shops as much as we do!

1. Blip Roasters

Neighborhood: West Bottoms

Blip is more than a coffee shop, it’s a community.

Nestled amongst the historic industrial vibe of the West Bottoms, Blip earned a spot on Food & Wine’s ‘Top Coffee Shops in Missouri’ – and rightfully so.

They create traditional and creative seasonal coffee drinks using high-quality, specialty beans they roast in-house each week.

kansas city coffee shop blip roasters has their roasterie in house
Blip Roasters

They’ve been around since 2014 when the motorcycle enthusiast owner had a vision for a pour-over coffee bar that involved the local motorcyclist community.

That vision is still apparent.

Strolling into Blip, you’ll find yourself in a bright, airy space with an industrial vibe filled with motorcycle gear, signage, and decor.

blip roasters industrial vibe in kansas city with concrete floors, leather chairs, and plants
Blip Roasters

They offer a handful of breakfast items and pastries.

The cushy seating invites patrons to stay a while.

It’s not uncommon to see someone with a book curled up in their leather chairs.

Pro Tip: Stop by every first and third Friday at 2:00 p.m. to sample their most recent offerings with their Head Roaster.

blip roasters in kansas city sells motorcycle gear and decor
Blip Roasters

2. Messenger Coffee Co. + Ibis Bakery

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District

Messenger Coffee is an ultimate Kansas City native, focusing on locally sourced ingredients and ethical coffee sourcing through relationships directly with farmers.

They have several locations, and this downtown Grand Avenue location is notable for being their roasting facility and for their collaboration with Ibis Bakery.

They offer freshly baked artisan breads that can be purchased by the loaf or as part of a menu item. 

Pro tip: The rosemary heirloom polenta loaf is incredible.

The space is roomy and inviting with three levels of seating, including a rooftop deck and a cozy reading room.

They excel at pour overs.

The only downside is parking – located in the heart of downtown, the street parking can be limited.

You’ll find a spot, but be prepared to walk a few blocks. 

3. Cafe Cà Phê

Neighborhood: Columbus Park

Community-minded and fiercely inclusive, Cafe Cà Phê is an Asian-owned coffee shop serving classic coffee drinks as well as specialty coffee that are based around Vietnamese ingredients and flavors such as ube, cardamom, and lychee.

Their trendy vibe complements the kitschy drink names, like the Hella Good, featuring Vietnamese espresso and ube syrup.

kansas city coffee shop
Cafe Ca Phe

They source their coffee and many ingredients from other Asian-owned businesses – their beans are from Vietnamese coffee farms.

Although on the smaller side, the space is filled with bright colors along with Vietnamese-inspired accents and murals.

There are a limited number of retro tables, upholstered couches, and swivel barstools. 

We love them both for their coffee and fierce community advocacy.

You can feel good about supporting Cafe Cà Phê.

kansas city coffee shop
Cafe Ca Phe


Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District

Kansas City is pretty far from any beach, but those looking for a tropical, laid-back vibe can find it at HITIDES.

With its mid-century modern interior, complete with tiki accents, soft island rhythms, and exotic coffee concoctions, you’ll be transported to a far-away shore. 

kansas city coffee shop crossroads arts district

They serve a diverse array of espresso drinks, but locals swear by their nitro cold brew.

If you’re needing a snack, they have donuts from local Mr. D’s and toast offerings served on local Meshuggah Bagels.

Capitalizing on that tropical vibe, they offer acai bowls and dole whip

kansas city coffee shop crossroads arts district

5. Thou Mayest

Neighborhoods: Midtown and River Market

Thou Mayest serves up an exceptional cup of coffee alongside an ethos that celebrates community and connection.

Their embrace of small-batch roasting for the purpose of “slowing down to honor unique craft” is aligned with their passion for providing the best experience for Kansas City coffee connoisseurs. 

Their historic River Market location features camp vibes with woodsy prints, dark earth tones, road map artwork, and fishing rods, all contributing to an outdoorsy-inspired aesthetic.

There are tables, plush seating, and semi-private booths available for those wanting to stay a while.

Their cereal bar is a unique feature – all your favorite sugary childhood cereals available for purchase by the bowl.

This coffee shop is favored among locals, and if you visit during peak morning hours, it’s possible that every seat will be taken.

Their Nelson Atkins Art Museum midtown location is a different vibe – light-filled, airy, and modern. It’s great for if you’d like a cup of coffee while strolling around the beautiful grounds of the museum. 

Whichever location you visit, you’ll be treated to thoughtfully crafted coffee drinks. 

coffee cup that says Thou Mayest inside a cafe in the nelson atkins museum
Thou Mayest at Nelson-Atkins

6. The Roasterie Factory Cafe

Neighborhood: Westside

The Roasterie was ahead of its time in embracing the concept of partnering directly with farmers.

That commitment of relationship-based business practices continues to this day – the majority of their coffee beans still come directly from farms and communities they have invested in. 

They’ve grown tremendously since their start in 1993 – from a 54-square-foot space to now having several cafes around Kansas City and providing beans to many local businesses and retail spaces.

The Roasterie is undoubtedly an iconic Kansas City local business

Their Southwest Boulevard factory location stands out as their most notable cafe. A DC-3 airplane crowns the building, paying tribute to the city’s aviation history, and the location offers tastings, tours, and a significant selection of coffee drinks and locally sourced pastries.

Despite its growth, The Roasterie remains committed to the Kansas City community – continually collaborating with fellow KC businesses for special blends and offerings.

They also give back to Kansas City in so many ways: supporting local charities, providing coffee to nonprofits, and volunteering their time in the community.

By supporting The Roasterie, you’re supporting the local community. 

The Roasterie airplane dc-3 factory store
The Roasterie Factory Store

7. Café Corazón

Neighborhoods: Westport and Crossroads Arts District

Latin American hospitality – known for being warm and inviting – and flavor is what you’ll find at Café Corazón. This family-run cafe is as much about the experience as it is about the coffee.

Their menu boasts flavors like dulce de leche and spicy Mexican mocha that perfectly complement their artisan pastries.

Their yerba mate is a point of pride for them – they are one of the only cafes in the country to offer a wide variety of brands from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and southern Brazil in the traditional way.

Unique to Café Corazón is their coffee flights, allowing you to try different flavors of their lattes, mochas, and yerba mate.

We love their specialty drinks with ingredients like horchata, chipotle chili, Oaxacan chocolate, and Peruvian cacao. 

In addition to their drink menu, they have a delicious selection of Latin American bites – empanadas and tamales, among others. 

The Latin American community is an integral part of Kansas City’s culture – immerse yourself in it with a visit to Café Corazón.

kansas city coffee shop crossroads arts district
Cafe Corazon

8. Filling Station

Neighborhood: Midtown

From their beginnings at their midtown location – a former gas station, hence the name – Filling Station has expanded to multiple locations due to being well-loved by locals. 

Their midtown location is laid-back with a welcoming atmosphere that features exposed brick, lush plants, and plenty of natural light.

If the inside is bustling, as it usually is, their outdoor patio provides a great setting for coffee and conversation. 

They offer a modest – yet delicious – menu of breakfast and lunch options as well as locally adored Ibis Bakery pastries and Ruby Jean juices.

Messenger Coffee partners with them in their coffee program, ensuring the coffee’s high quality.

They always have a great seasonal offerings drink menu as well. 

kansas city coffee shop
Filling Station

9. Take Care By Oleo Coffee

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District

We attended the opening weekend of Kansas City Crossroad’s newest coffee shop, Take Care by Oleo Coffee, and felt that it deserved a spot here.

Take Care is a delightful testament to the passion and dedication of its founders to honor the farmers who begin the process of creating that perfect cup of coffee.

During extensive travels, they have experienced first-hand the care that goes in to the beans at Single Estate Farms, where they source from.

Take Care occupies a welcoming two-story space with rustic automobile and farm decor.

We loved that they had a light, medium, and dark roast drip coffee to choose from. They have a small menu of all the classics plus a handful of house specials.

There’s no frills – the focus really is on the quality of the bean.

Their in-house baking program, focuses on biscuits served with seasonal preserves and compound butters. We loved the biscuit with strawberry basil jam.

These treats, along with other baked goods, are made fresh daily, adding a delightful touch to the overall ambiance of the coffee shop.

kansas city coffee shop crossroads kc
Take Care by Oleo
kansas city coffee shop crossroads kc
Take Care by Oleo

Map of Kansas City’s Best Coffee Shops

More Than A Caffeine Fix

Next time you find yourself in the heartland, make sure to carve out time to visit these coffee sanctuaries – they are sure to leave you with more than a caffeine fix.

Next, visit our guide to Kansas City’s craft beverages.