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Are you hankering for some schnitzel, red cabbage, and sauerkraut? You’re in good company – Kansas City has exceptional options for German food. 

As Kansas Citians, we make it a point to visit these local restaurants, particularly during the cold winter months when few things sound better than a plate of warming goulash. 

Missouri has an established history of German immigration. In the mid-1800’s, over 120,000 Germans immigrated to the United States, with at least one-third of them coming to Missouri. 

This rich heritage has resulted in a strong German culture here in the heartland, and along with that, excellent German and Austrian restaurants. 

Best German Food In Kansas City

1. Grünauer

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District
Pricing: $$

Grünauer stands as a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Vienna. This family-operated restaurant, established in 2010, is an extension of the Grünauer family’s sixty-year legacy of running a traditional Viennese restaurant, Gasthaus Grünauer, in Austria’s capital.

The restaurant’s elevated menu is a tribute to classic Viennese techniques and family recipes. Utilizing high-quality products and local ingredients, Grünauer offers a dining experience that upholds both tradition and quality. 

From traditional Wiener Schnitzel to Sacher Torte, the dishes represent a culinary journey through Central Europe, primarily pulling from German and Austrian cuisine. 

Grünauer is located in the historic Freight House building. The domed wooden ceiling and rustic accents make you feel like you’re truly in Austria.

Menu highlights include goulash, apple strudel, and spatzle.

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2. Affäre

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District
Pricing: $$$

Affäre presents a remarkable blend of traditional German cuisine and contemporary culinary artistry. The family-owned restaurant was founded in 2012, spearheaded by the owner’s passion for all-natural, farm-fresh, seasonal foods and game meats.

The upscale restaurant is celebrated for its modern and minimalist aesthetics, echoing the elegance and sophistication of modern Germany. The ambiance includes dramatic lighting and contemporary art.

They take pride in their dedication to local Kansas City farmers and small wineries, ensuring the delivery of the freshest and finest products to their customers. The menu rotates seasonally in line with the farm-to-table approach. 

Menu highlights include the venison, artisan bratwursts, and scallops.

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3. KC Bier Co. 

Neighborhood: Waldo
Pricing: $$

This local favorite is Kansas City’s only German-style biergarten, and so one could expect that they would serve a variety of approachable German foods. 

As the only true biergarten – an outdoor space with gravel walkways, picnic tables, and plenty of shade – Bier Co. specializes in authentic, German-style lagers and ales. 

The outdoor space is fantastic, as is their beer. There’s something particularly enjoyable about being served a beer in a large glass stein. 

Menu highlights include their several bavarian-style pretzel options, house-made sausages, bierocks, potato salad, and oven roasted chicken.

4. Milwaukee Delicatessen

Neighborhood: Downtown
Pricing: $

Milwaukee Delicatessen Co. stands as a corner landmark with over a century of history. This iconic deli, once on the brink of demolition, has been meticulously restored to its former glory, preserving original marble floors, ceiling murals, the bar constructed in 1881, and an arched balcony.

Established in 1900 by a German immigrant and his wife, the deli thrived through prohibition and the Great Depression. Reopened in November 2013, the Milwaukee Delicatessen Co. brought back the classics with a contemporary take, primarily serving sandwiches. 

For the German experience, order one of the many German-style deli sandwiches and sides. 

Menu highlights include corned beef sandwich, pastrami sandwich, the reuben, and potato salad.

Notable Mention: Local Pig Butcher Shop

Neighborhood: River Market
Pricing: $$

Although not a restaurant, if you’re looking for a butcher shop that sells German-style sausages and other traditional items like braunschweiger, Local Pig in River Market is a great stop. 

We love that they source many of their meat from local farms. In their shop, they also have a wide variety of local products available. 

Local Pic butcher shop with wooden floors, a meat counter, and shelves of local Kansas City goods.
Local Pig


We hope you found this guide helpful, and as always, thanks for supporting local!