carollos sandwich on italian bread with tomato mozarella and proscuitto in kansas city

Where do Kansas Citians go for the best sandwiches? We’re here to tell you.

According to written history, humanity’s affection for sandwiches dates back to the 18th century. Considering that different forms of meats and cheeses nestled within bread can be found in every culture, including the ancient ones, we think the beloved sando has been around for many generations. 

The world’s cuisines have come up with their own forms of sandwiches – whether it be the Irish Reuben, Italian Salami and Provolone, or Vietnamese Bahn Mi. 

Regardless of which you’re craving, Kansas City has a sandwich shop for them all, and then some. 

Below are the city’s most popular sandwiches and the delis that serve them up.

Kansas City’s Best Sandwich Shops

It’s no secret – these are the seven best places to get a sandwich in KC.

1. Bay Boy Specialty Sandwiches

Neighborhood: West Plaza
Pricing: $$

Since it opened in 2015, Kansas City locals literally cannot stop talking about how much they love Bay Boy Specialty Sandwiches

You order at a window, and the dine-in seating options are pretty minimal, so plan to order take away. They have an efficient online ordering system if you’re in a rush. 

Bay Boy is known for their Dutch Crunch bread – it’s a unique, slightly sweet bread with a crunchy top. It may sound strange, but the regulars swear by it. 

The menu isn’t terribly large – typically there are 4 – 5 seasonal options alongside both hot and cold classics. Their ingredients are fresh and high quality. 

Along with your sandwich, you can order chips and exceptional chocolate chip cookies. 

Sandwich highlights are El Jefe (Cuban-inspired sando), Crown Town Club (smoked turkey, ham, “thicc af bacon”, chipotle mayo), and the Bay Boy (genoa salami, garlic sauce, hot pepper sauce). 

2. Carollo’s Gourmet Grocery and Deli

Neighborhood: City Market
Pricing: $

We adore family-owned Carollo’s in City Market. They’ve been serving up the best Italian subs in Kansas City since 1988. 

They recently renovated the space, but kept the Italian deli charm, which includes a meat and cheese counter, Sicilian flags, and soccer banners. 

The sandwiches are quite large, especially for the price, and they use Italian imported ingredients in their sandwiches, adding to the authenticity. 

Don’t leave without perusing their sausage selection, olive bar, and imported Italian goods. If you’re planning to make a charcuterie board, Carollo’s is the place to go for Italian meats and cheeses. They close at 4:00p, so they’re best for a lunch sandwich.

Sandwich highlights include Napolitano (capicola, salami, prosciutto, provolone), Caprese (fresh mozzarella, tomato, vinaigrette), Grilled Chicken Spedini (roasted pepper, olive spread). 

carollos italian deli sign in kansas city at historic city market with wooden ceilings

3. Bella Napoli

Neighborhood: Brookside
Pricing: $ – $$

Bella Napoli gives Italian sidewalk cafe vibes with an atmosphere that is somehow both laid-back and refined, making it a versatile option. We love their authentic Italian deli and the overall experience.

The space, opened in 2001, features a modest market and deli counter, perfect for lunchtime. All the items in the market and deli ingredients are imported straight from Italy.

They offer both cold and hot deli sandwiches, alongside a more extensive lunch menu for those wanting something other than a sandwich – their pizza is exceptional.

Notable is that they have several vegetarian options in their deli sandwich offerings. 

Sandwich highlights include Il Saro (salumi, capocollo, mortadella, provolone, giardiniera), Napolitano (mozzarella, basil, tomato, vinaigrette), and Meatball Panino (meatball, provolone, tomato sauce). 

4. Browne’s Irish Marketplace

Neighborhood: Midtown
Pricing: $

Browne’s Irish Marketplace has been a pillar of the local community since it first opened in 1887. Founded by immigrants from County Kerry, Ireland, it started as Flavin’s Market, a neighborhood hub for quality food and Irish hospitality.

The business was passed down through generations, with each contributing to its growth and maintaining its warm, family-like atmosphere.

Over the years, Browne’s has adapted to changing times while preserving its charm with oak floors and the aroma of freshly-baked soda bread.

If you’re hankering for an Irish sandwich and wouldn’t mind time spent browsing imported Irish and Celtic goods, Browne’s is a must visit. 

Sandwich highlights include the reuben and corned beef – and don’t forget the egg salad. 

5. Broadway Butcher Shop

Neighborhood: Midtown
Pricing: $ – $$

Broadway Butcher Shop, established in 2012, isn’t your average meat counter – owned by a former sous-chef, they offer premium meats and seafood, cheeses and local dry goods, inventive meat offerings (think octopus pastrami), prepared dishes, delicious sandwiches, and a flair for the unexpected. 

Where they really shine is their daily sandwich menu. Crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients, the sandwiches are a testament to the shop’s creativity. The daily sandwich is different each day. 

To know what it is, you’ll need to visit their social media stories. You can count on it to use premium ingredients, have a creative edge, and be totally delectable. Think offerings like the swunafish salad – top grade swordfish with ahi tuna on a fresh baguette. 

Sandwich highlights include whatever they feel like making that day.

6. Pigwich

Neighborhood: City Market
Pricing: $

Pigwich is located right next to The Local Pig, which is a full-service butcher shop known for its quality meats and commitment to locally sourced products. This connection is neat because it means the sandwiches at Pigwich are made with some of the freshest, most responsibly sourced meats you can find in Kansas City. 

Order at the counter and when the weather is nice, sit outside on the patio adjacent to the bustling City Market crowds. 

In addition to their standard menu, Pigwich always offers an inventive daily “off menu” special – you can see what it is on their social media. Their sides are noteworthy and include housemade chips and sweet potato fries. 

Sandwich highlights include the cornflake fried chicken sandwich, spicy meatball bahn mi, and cheesesteak sandwich. 

7. Milwaukee Deli

Neighborhood: Downtown
Pricing: $$

Milwaukee Delicatessen Co. stands as a corner landmark with over a century of history. This iconic deli, once on the brink of demolition, has been meticulously restored to its former glory, preserving original marble floors, ceiling murals, and an arched balcony.

Established in 1900 by a German immigrant and his wife, the deli thrived through prohibition and the Great Depression. It was reopened in November 2013, bringing it back to its former glory. 

Sandwich highlights include the reuben, pastrami, corned beef – and don’t miss the potato salad.