record store in kansas city with blue walls
Sister Anne’s

There are few feelings quite like the thrill of discovering a new record to add to your collection. Fortunately, Kansas City has several locally owned record stores that you do not want to miss out on. 

From intimate, cozy stores to vibrant shops with crates upon crates of vinyl to dig through, our list covers it all. 

Thank you for supporting small and local to meet your turntable needs! 

The Best Record Shops in Kansas City

1. Mills Record Company

Neighborhood: Westport

Mills Record Company is a haven for music junkies. As soon as you step into the trendy interior, you’re greeted by walls lined with an eclectic mix of new and used vinyl alongside tapes and books.

Whether you’re after the latest indie release or a classic rock gem, Mills has got you covered. Their staff is known to be helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. They pride themselves on being open to any and all music preferences, and that ethos is reflected in their expansive selection. 

They also offer in-store events on a weekly basis. 

Within Mills is Wise Blood Booksellers, an independent bookstore selling new and used books. 

2. Records with Merritt

Neighborhood: Westport

Records with Merritt is a small but mighty store that sells new vinyl. It’s known for its friendly, community-oriented vibe and a diverse selection that includes plenty of local artists. 

They’re big on supporting the KC music scene, so you might just stumble upon your next favorite local band here.

An added bonus is they provide drinks while you shop!

3. Josey Records

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District

Located in Kansas City’s most artsy neighborhood, this spacious store boasts an impressive collection that spans multiple genres and eras. From jazz to hip-hop, country to electronica, Josey Records caters to a wide range of music interests. 

The store is well organized and aesthetically pleasing. 

Their listening stations are a nice touch, letting you preview records before making your pick. Plus, they often host live music sets – especially on First Fridays – making each visit a unique experience.

In addition to vinyl, they have memorabilia, stereo equipment, and posters. Be sure to visit their basement selection!

4. Revolution Records

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District

Revolution Records is where the old school meets the new wave. This cozy shop is packed with personality, featuring an array of vinyl, cassettes, and even some local art. 

The store is well organized, making it easy to locate what you’re looking for. 

The owners are passionate about music and community, often hosting local bands and events. 

Don’t leave without saying hello to the store pets. 

5. Sister Anne’s Records and Coffee

Neighborhood: Midtown

Is there anything better than a neat record shop? Yes – a neat record shop that also serves up great coffee drinks and pastries! You’ll find that at Sister Anne’s

This quaint shop with bright blue walls offers a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

Browse their well-curated selection of vinyl – they are more about quality than quantity – while sipping on a delicious coffee. It’s the ideal spot for a relaxed afternoon of record hunting.

orange coffee cup at a table in a record store in kansas city
Sister Anne’s

5. FM Music Vintage Sounds

Neighborhood: North Kansas City

For those who love nostalgia, FM Music Vintage Sounds will take you back in time. 

Unassumingly tucked away in North Kansas City, this charming old school record store specializes in vintage records and music memorabilia. 

Walking in feels like stepping back in time, surrounded by classic tunes and retro vibes.

7. The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven

Neighborhood: Waldo

The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven is a hidden gem. Located on Troost Avenue, this basement store is part of the larger 7th Heaven complex. It’s a treasure trove for collectors, offering a massive selection of new and used vinyl, CDs, and even 8-tracks. 

We love their philosophy of “All are welcome, support local art, and don’t be a jerkface.” Kansas City locals appreciate it as well – enough to keep the store in business for 49+ years. 

The staff’s friendliness and knowledge, alongside the store’s wide variety – make it a must-visit for serious collectors. The shop is well organized making the expansive collection of records easy to navigate. 

In addition to records, they have posters, stickers, and turquoise jewelry. 

8. Prospero’s Books

Neighborhood: 39th Street

So, technically Prospero’s is a bookstore – and one that has been around for over 15 years.

Sneak to their second and third floors for a great selection of used vinyl. The store itself is neat to visit – it’s housed in a historic 1890 building.

That’s A Wrap!

Kansas City, with its rich musical heritage, offers exceptional vinyl hunting. Each of these record stores has its own unique charm, making them more than just places to buy music – they’re cornerstones of the local music community. 

So, whether you’re a long-time collector or just starting your vinyl journey, be sure to check out these local favorites.