Browne's Irish Market
Browne’s Irish Market

Are you on the search for bangers and mash finished off with a smooth Guinness?

We’ve got you covered.

Kansas City has a rich Irish history woven into its development, culture, and culinary scene.

With a large Irish population, the city has some of the best Irish restaurants and pubs in the region.

These establishments offer not only traditional Irish cuisine but also warm hospitality.

In this guide, we highlight some of the best Kansas City restaurants where you can savor authentic Irish cuisine along with local favorite pubs fully stocked with Guinness and Irish whiskeys.

The Best Irish Restaurants in Kansas City

Irish cuisine, deeply rooted in the country’s agricultural heritage, centers around hearty meals with meat, potatoes, and vegetables.

Although the list for authentic Irish restaurants in Kansas City is on the smaller side, these three options offer those traditional Irish dishes you’re craving.

Brady & Fox

Neighborhood: Brookside
Pricing: $$

Brady & Fox offers authentic Irish recipes with a modern touch. Partly owned by an Irishman from a small town in central Ireland, the menu features contemporary recipes inspired by those he grew up with.

Beyond Irish cuisine, Brady & Fox is designed to foster a sense of community. The restaurant features long dining tables for group gatherings and cozy lounge chairs for intimate conversations.

The ambiance of Brady & Fox is inviting, adorned with artwork depicting landmarks of Ireland, creating a warm and homely atmosphere.

The whiskey lounge, with its comfy sofas and chairs, invites guests to enjoy a drink and engage in conversation.

Menu highlights include fish and chips, lamb pie, cottage pie, bangers and mash, and scotch egg.

Browne’s Irish Marketplace

Neighborhood: Midtown
Pricing: $

Browne’s Irish Marketplace has been a pillar of the local community since it first opened in 1887.

Founded by immigrants from County Kerry, Ireland, it started as Flavin’s Market, a neighborhood hub for quality food and Irish hospitality.

The business was passed down through generations, with each contributing to its growth and maintaining the warm, family-like atmosphere.

Over the years, Browne’s has adapted to changing times while preserving its charm with original oak floors and the aroma of freshly-baked soda bread.

The market offers a range of Irish and Celtic products, including Barrys and Bewley’s Tea, jams, marmalades, biscuits, bread mixes, and traditional Irish staples like rashers and bangers​​​​. You can also find imported clothing and textiles.

The market continues to uphold the tradition of quality imported products and Irish charm, passed down through six generations​.

Menu highlights include the reuben, corned beed sandwich, egg salad, and, of course, Irish whiskey.

Browne's Irish Market
Browne’s Irish Market
Browne's Irish Market
Browne’s Irish Market

O’Dowd’s Gastropub

Neighborhood: Country Club Plaza
Pricing: $

Having opened over 20 years ago, O’Dowd’s has become a staple in the Kansas City pub scene.

The gastropub features an indoor lounge, characterized by a wooden interior with Irish details, as well as a rooftop deck.

While the menu is more than traditional Irish dishes, there are several to choose from.

O’Dowd’s is known for its vibrant evening scene that caters to the late-night crowd with dim lights and loud music. However, a visit during the daytime caters to all.

Menu highlights include the reuben, fish and chips, and Irish pot roast.

Irish Pubs in Kansas City

Perhaps you are in search of that perfectly poured Guinness – and if so, there are several options in Kansas City where you can find just that.

Kelly’s Westport Inn

Neighborhood: Westport
Pricing: $

Kelly’s Westport Inn, a quintessential Kansas City bar, is steeped in history and local lore.

Located in the oldest building in Kansas City, constructed in 1851, it’s one of the city’s oldest continually operating taverns, with a liquor license dating back to 1934.

The Kelly family has owned the bar for over 75 years.

During the day, you can sip on a brew while catching professional and collegiate games.

As the evening progresses, the casual setting becomes lively and transforms into youthful nightlife.

The walls, adorned with memorabilia and signage, are crafted from wood panels. As you make your way towards the back, where the arcade games await, the creaking of the old wooden floor adds to the nostalgic charm.

Kelly’s is a good time!

Kelly's Westport Inn
Kelly’s Westport Inn

Gilhouly’s Irish Pub

Neighborhood: 39th Street
Pricing: $

Gilhouly’s is known for its Irish-themed dive bar ambiance.

It’s no frills, and that’s how they like it.

The pub features pool tables, a jukebox, and popcorn.

What more could you want?

Fitz’s Blarney Stone

Neighborhood: Midtown
Pricing: $

Fitz’s is about as divey as a dive bar can get.

Since its opening in 1972, this Kansas City dive has it all – darts, billiards, a great selection of beers, and of course, Irish whiskey.

Stepping into Fitz’s Blarney Stone, you’ll immediately notice its unmistakable Irish vibe.

The paint scheme perfectly mirrors the colors of the Irish flag, while the checkerboard tile flooring adds a touch of green and white.

This pub is all about simplicity, and its loyal patrons wouldn’t have it any other way.

O’Malley’s 1842 Pub

Weston, Missouri

O’Malley’s is not actually located in Kansas City – it is about 40 minutes northeast in Weston, Missouri, but if you are looking for a unique Irish-inspired pub experience, O’Malley’s is completely worth the trip.

O’Malley’s is hidden almost 60 feet underground in the cellars of what was, in the 19th century, a local brewery.

The space has functioned as a brewery on and off since opened in 1842, and though it was forced to close when Prohibition was signed into law, it has since been brought back to it’s former glory days.

The pub’s limestone walls are adorned with flags and vintage advertisements for beer and liquor.

You’ll find multiple underground chambers, with lively Irish music often wafting from the deepest chamber.

Occasionally, Irish folkloric performers can be found in the side rooms, adding to the magical atmosphere of the place.

It is really quite an experience, and if you’re looking to make an evening of it, a trip to Weston should be on your list.

Restless Spirits Distilling Company

Neighborhood: North Kansas City
Pricing: $

Although not a pub, Restless Spirits Distilling Company is an Irish-style craft distillery with rich family heritage and Irish-American traditions.

If you’re hankering for some locally made Irish Whiskey, this is your stop.

The distillery has been recognized as Missouri’s best distillery multiple times since its opening in 2016.

The founder, a fifth generation Kansas City native of Irish descent, brings a deep connection to the area’s history and his family’s legacy to the brand.

His great-great-grandparents immigrated to America from Ireland during the Great Famine in 1853 and eventually settled in Kansas City, contributing significantly to the city’s development.

Restless Spirits Distilling Company offers an array of experiences, from tastings in their inviting tasting room to distillery tours and special events.

The distillery’s commitment to authenticity, quality, and a celebration of its Irish-American heritage makes it a distinctive and respected establishment in the Kansas City spirits scene.

The Irish Influence in Kansas City

The first significant Irish immigrant, Fr. Bernard Donnelly, arrived in 1845 and greatly contributed to the development of Kansas City by establishing brickworks and attracting more Irish immigrants​​.

The largest wave of Irish immigrants arrived in Kansas between 1850 and 1900, seeking opportunities far from their homeland.

These immigrants played a pivotal role in shaping the state’s early history, in particular they were integral in physically building and developing Kansas City.

Fr. Donnelly’s contributions extended beyond physical construction to addressing the housing, education, and spiritual needs of the Irish community.

His work laid the foundation for the city’s growth and helped establish a significant Irish presence in the region.

The Irish community’s influence in Kansas City is evident in the naming of churches and parishes after Irish saints, further embedding their cultural heritage into the city.

The Irish legacy in Kansas City is a testament to their hard work, community spirit, and lasting impact on the city’s development.


All these suggestions should lead you to the conclusion that you can experience Irish culture in Kansas City beyond the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade – which has been a cherished tradition for over 50 years.

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